Thursday, 30 June 2011

Art Auction with John Cleese!

There is going to be an Art Auction at the Octagon in Bath! The Auctioneer will be Mr Cleese himself. I have donated 'Park Life' for the charity auction. See the link for more details....

Silk Stockings

I now have some of the silk stockings works in my house which looks like an Art Gallery at the moment! These are for sale and i will be uploading them onto my website with prices.

The Great barrier reef...sort of.

I've just got back into reef keeping after a 20 year hiatus! This is my Red Sea Max 130D and is maturing just nicely. It will be a whole year before its full and mature proper. Reef keeping has got a lot easier in the last 10 years with new technology etc. Love it! Check out the video....

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Beside the Painter.

Been very busy painting in 'Digital' lately. Its a taste of all those memories of been at the seaside! All created in Photoshop and Painter 12. Lush!