Thursday, 31 March 2011

A snapshot of my feet?

I was sat very patiently today in the post office while i was posting a ipad 2 that i sold on ebay ( long story, i bought 2 and sold one!) I try to take a photo of something that has happened that day so i photo'd my feet!! How odd am i? Also here are a few treasures that are very important to me, my family....

Hisptamatic and Instagram

I have a huge interest in lomography which is all about replicating those 70's snapshots we all love and remember. They are so much more interesting than the ordinary snaps you take with your camera. I use Hipstamatic and Instagram on my iphone 4 and they are amazing! Both are available at the app store. But i've also discovered a new site dedicated to this art form called Go and have a look!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

ID Fashion

A very good friends missus is organising this amazing venue.
She also is the chairman! Yes you herd, the chairman!
Have a loook! New Zealand by the way!

Lomo photography

I love lomography and always have hipstamatic at hand to take photo's of people and things I find interesting. Here is a shot of my boy Jacob in a very grumpy mood!

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More examples....

New cards!

I'm delighted to announce my new cards published by Paperhouse cards are now available in Waitrose and John Lewis.

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Elizabeth Taylor

The great Liz Taylor! What a wonderful photo of her. I love these 'snapshots' of the great Hollywood legends. How beautiful was she!

The Divine Messenger

This is my very latest piece of work. My beautiful wife posed for this, although she is not as big!! She would kill me if i said that!! I love to play with light falling across her body and i think this gives a real sense of mood. They are always beautifully framed by hand by my friend Andre. He is amazing at finding the right sort of colours and styles to compliment the painting.

The Crimson Courtesan

This is a detail from one of my paintings called 'The Crimson Courtesan' This was featured in 'Silk Stockings, Black Dresses' solo exhibition in 2010.


I was very affected by the awful Tsunami in japan and i'll never forget the wave speeding across the land from the the helicopter view. So i decided to illustrate this as reflection of my feelings about it.